Chungam Middle School, ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ Ilsan Region ‘Winning’… MVP is Hong Seung-il

Chungam Middle School became the Ilsan Regional Champion of the ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’.

Chungam Middle School defeated Pungdong Futsal 2-1 in the Ilsan regional final of the Korea’s best amateur middle school futsal competition ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ held at HM Futsal Park Ilsan Branch on the 13th. Chungam Middle School won 1 million won in prize money along with the championship trophy. In addition, he won the ticket to participate in the national championship held on the 20th.

Chungam Middle School succeeded in winning the only match in this tournament and won the perfect championship. Choongam Middle School, who reached the tournament with 4 wins, no goals and 1st place in Group D, defeated Ingi Muring FC 1-0 in the round of 16 and defeated Team SG 2-0 in the quarterfinals. Chungam Middle School, which succeeded in not conceding a goal until the quarterfinals, advanced to the final by defeating Seongnam Middle School 5-2 in the quarterfinals.

The final opponent was wind tunnel futsal with powerful firepower. Poongdong Futsal scored five goals in the round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals. “Captain” Jae-Hyeok Oh flew in the finals. Following the opening goal in the 6th minute of the first half, he scored the winning goal in the 12th minute of the second half. In Poongdong Futsal, Hong Seung-il scored a chase goal just before the end, but time was running out. In the end, Chungamjung laughed.

Chungam Middle School, a soccer club where parents cheered enthusiastically, won its first championship since its foundation. Oh Jae-hyeok laughed, saying, “I entered the competition because my father told me about it.” He made up his mind for the championship by saying, “I will go to Turkey.” The championship winning team will be given a ticket to Turkey.

Poongdong futsal had to be satisfied with the runner-up and the prize money of 500,000 won. Instead, Hong Seung-il soothed the disappointment by winning the tournament’s top scorer and MVP with 18 goals. In the 3rd and 4th place matches, Gwiin United defeated Seongnam Middle School 3-2. Gwiin United received 300,000 won in prize money. Up to 4th place Seongnam Middle School, everyone can go to the national championship.

A total of 19 teams competed fiercely in the Ilsan preliminary round. After the full league was played in 4 groups of 5 teams, the winning team was determined by a tournament. Various events such as giveaway events were held, and many people who visited the competition smiled.메이저사이트

‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’, which started with the Siheung preliminary round, will take over the baton in Seoul (Dongdaemun Branch) and Jeonju, followed by Busan, Cheonan (May 6th), and Goyang (Ilsan). The match will be held on the 27th in Pyeongtaek. Last year, two places (Goyang and Pyeongtaek) increased from the five regional qualifiers. A total of 14.1 million won worth of scholarships will be awarded.

This competition is hosted by HNS, a sports marketing company, and Gatorade participates as a partner. Sports Chosun is a media partner. A total of 284 teams and 3,500 middle school students from all over the country participated in this competition, which was held last year, drawing great attention.

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