Choi Ji-man wanted ‘5.4 million dollars’, but negotiations broke down with Pittsburgh due to a difference of ‘750,000 dollars’

 Choi Ji-man (32) failed to reach an annual salary agreement with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The disagreement could not be narrowed down. Can we finalize contract negotiations before going to the Salary Adjustment Committee?

‘’ said on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time), “The Pittsburgh club could not reach a contract agreement with Choi Ji-man until the salary agreement deadline. to the committee,” he said.

The difference between Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh was revealed. John Heyman of ‘MLB Network’ announced on personal SNS that Choi Man-man wanted an annual salary of 5.4 million dollars (about 6.7 billion won), and Pittsburgh offered 4.65 million dollars (5.78 billion won). The two sides ultimately failed to reach an agreement with a difference of $750,000.

It was more than the annual salary of $ 4.5 million, which was initially expected by ‘MLB Trade Rumors’. Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh, who failed to conclude negotiations by the salary negotiation deadline, await the salary adjustment committee’s decision next month. However, the parties may agree to a contract prior to the conciliation committee. 스포츠토토

Choi Ji-man received an annual salary of 3.2 million dollars (approximately 3.97 billion won) from the Tampa Bay Race last season. The results of the 2022 season were 113 games, batting average 0.233, 11 homers, 52 RBIs, OPS 0.729. After the season, Choi Ji-man was traded to Pittsburgh.

Choi Ji-man has the experience of winning against the club in the 2021 Salary Adjustment Committee. Choi Ji-man won the annual salary adjustment committee against his team Tampa Bay at the time and received an expected annual salary of $2.45 million. Tampa Bay’s offer was $1.85 million.

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