‘Choi Hee-jin retires – Kim Ye-jin joins’ KB, will it succeed in recovering its pride?

Can KB rise to the top again next season?

Cheongju KB has been a strong team representing WKBL for the past few years. Even in the recent 2021-2022 season, he won the regular season and championship match with tremendous destructive power. It was the result of a strong shooter named Kang Iseul (180cm, F) joining the existing strong team.

But last season, KB lost its pride. Injuries to key players held back KB. In particular, Park Ji-soo (196cm, C), the pillar of the team, had a huge gap. Park Ji-soo only played 9 games last season. In addition, KB, which had injuries to other players, recorded 10 wins and 20 losses. They also failed to advance to the playoffs.

The key to KB this off-season was the renewal of contracts with the ‘Rabbit’ free agents. The result was a great success. Kang Iseul, Sim Seongyoung (165cm, G), and Kim Sodam (185cm, F) renewed their contracts.

Veteran Choi Hee-jin (180cm, F) retired. However, they recruited steel king Kim Ye-jin (174cm, F). In addition, Choi Ji-seon (175cm, F) was given to Lee Chae-eun (170cm, G). There was no big change, but I had a good off-season. If you are healthy, you still have the power to look at the highest place.

The key is health. It was an injury that held back KB last season. To prevent this, the KB team started off-season training faster than anyone else. KB coach Kim Wan-soo also said, “Last year, players struggled with injuries. So this time we called earlier. I’m not rushing, I’m doing it slowly. The key is for players not to get hurt from the off-season to the end of the season,” he said, emphasizing injury prevention.

There should be an outside shooting. Last season, KB’s 3-point success rate was only 25%. It was 5th overall in the league. On top of that, the team scoring average was only 65.7 points. It was a completely different offensive power from the 2021-2022 season. KB’s 3-point success rate in the 2021-2022 season was 37.7%. On top of that, he boasted tremendous scoring ability, averaging 78.7 points per game. The reason why KB was in the bottom ranks despite showing the same appearance in defense.메이저사이트

If Park Ji-soo runs healthily, these problems can be solved to some extent. However, it is essential to improve the 3-point shot in order to fully enjoy the effects derived from Park Ji-soo.

The determination of the KB players is enormous. Iseul Kang said, “I had a great desire to recover from last year’s disappointing appearance at KB. I wanted to build my pride with the team,” and Shim Seong-young also said, “In the upcoming season, I really wanted to do well with my teeth clenched and my teeth.”

Can KB, which has lost its pride, take the throne again next season? KB’s determination for this is enormous. 

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