China, “Criminal detention of Son Jun-ho on bribery charges”… The national soccer team ‘jealousy’

It has been confirmed that South Korean soccer player Son Jun-ho, who is playing in China, is being detained. It is presumed to be due to the match-fixing incident of the team that Son Jun-ho belongs to, but the industry judges that it is unlikely that he participated in match-fixing, considering Son Jun-ho’s position. The fire also fell on the feet of the soccer team ahead of the A match next month.

This is reporter Kim Gwan. 

Son Jun-ho, who plays for the Chinese Super League Shandong team, was arrested at Shanghai Airport on the 12th while trying to leave for Korea with his family.

He has been detained by public security authorities for five days now.

The Chinese government confirmed the detention of Son Jun-ho through a briefing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today.

Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said,
“The Liaoning Provincial Public Security Authority notified the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Shenyang, and will provide convenience for Korean consulate officers in carrying out their consular duties.”

The charges are ‘non-state agents’ bribery. It is usually a crime related to receiving kickbacks from corporate employees, but in the case of athletes, it is a case of receiving money or valuables for fraudulent requests related to games.메이저사이트

The Chinese football world is suffering from various corruptions such as match fixing.

At the end of last year, the coach of the Chinese national team was arrested, and Son Jun-ho’s team, the Shandong team, is also a key target of the investigation.

However, since Son Jun-ho is one of the top 10 players in the Chinese league with a huge salary, and his position is a midfielder whose position is difficult to match, some say that he needs to watch the situation.

The Korea Football Association, ahead of the A match in June, was on fire. However, the reality is that there is no response.

This is Kim Kwan from TV Chosun.

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