Cheonan signs up-and-coming Vietnamese player Anh-Hieu at the same time

 Vietnam’s next-generation runners are put to the test on the Korean stage.

Cheonan City FC, which entered the K-League 2 (second division) this year, announced on the 12th that it had signed striker Vu Minh Hieu (21) and defender Nguyen Canh Anh (23) on loan. .

An and Hieu are from Hoang An Gala Lai (HAGL), a prestigious Vietnam professional soccer V-League. He grew up from HAGL’s youth team and went through age-specific national teams to the adult stage. There are many national team players of all levels and ages in HAGL, including the main resources of the Vietnamese national team. 카지노사이트

Ahn and Hieu are also growing into national representatives by polishing their basic skills. Ahn, who had grown up through the national team by age group, was noticed by former Vietnam national team coach Park Hang-seo and was selected for the Vietnam Under-22 (U-22) national team in 2020. Hieu was selected for the under-23 (U-23) national team at the age of 20 and raised expectations. He became the youngest player in HAGL’s history to debut in the first team and even skipped a grade for the national team. Both of them have a decent physique of 180cm and have the ability to digest multiple positions.

Park Nam-yeol, head coach of Cheonan City FC, confirmed the growth potential of the two players through the test and evaluated them as resources that could help the team entering the K-League 2. Although there is a language problem, the ability to quickly understand the tactical instructions of the coach and the solid basics to implement them are getting good reviews. It is known that he actively wanted to go to Korea and had high expectations for his debut in the K-League.

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