‘Cannon Heater’ Kim Jae-hyun comes to LG after 19 years. I think I will take on a special advisory role to win the championship.

Cannon Heater’ Kim Jae-hyeon (48), commentator, returns to his former team, the LG Twins.

It is known that LG recently made an offer to recruit commentator Kim.

It is said that he offered a special advisory role towards the front, rather than field work like a coach or instructor. As LG, which is challenging for the championship, needs the strength of commentator Kim to help the field better at the front.

Commentator Kim, who graduated from Shinil High School, created a sensation as soon as he joined LG in 1994 and led the team to the championship 토토. At that time, three newcomers, including Ryu Ji-hyun, Seo Yong-bin, and Kim Jae-hyun, played a big role. Unlike Ryu Ji-hyun and Seo Yong-bin, who were college graduates, Kim Jae-hyun, who had just graduated from high school, participated in 125 games and became a sensation with a batting average of 2.89, 21 homers, and 80 RBIs. aroused

He has been active as a central hitter for LG, but after the 2004 season, he became a free agent and moved to SK Wyverns. Since 2009, he has become a hot topic by declaring his retirement, saying, “I will play until next year and retire.” In 2010, the last year, he recorded a batting average of 2.88 li, 10 home runs and 48 RBIs in 111 games, and led his juniors in the Korean Series to win the championship and retired beautifully. It can be said that the announced retirement of recent legend players such as Lee Seung-yeop and Lee Dae-ho started with Kim Jae-hyun.

He appeared in 1770 career games, batting .

After retirement, he worked mainly as a baseball commentator. From 2015 to 2016, he served as hitting coach for the Hanwha Eagles, and also worked as a national team hitting coach at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, 2019 Premier 12, and 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

It seems that the experience he has accumulated as a national team and national team coach and long-time commentator can help LG challenge for the championship.

Will Kim Jae-hyun, who made LG’s last championship, return to his parents’ house after 19 years and contribute to the championship in 29 years?

Regarding the recruitment of Kim Jae-hyun, LG said, “The final decision has not been made yet.”

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