“Café Joayo (I like it)” 2023 Belho as expected as fluent Korean

 Reporter Lee Hyeong-joo = Expectations for the 2023 women’s national team are growing as much as Colin Bell (61) has become fluent in Korean. 

Head coach Bell, who is currently leading the women’s national team, is a person appointed by Kim Pan-gon, former technical director who is famous for his transparent procedures. Coach Bell, who was appointed as the eyes of former president Kim Pan-gon, who sees gold, is leading the team steadily and cruising the women’s national team. 

For such a Belho women’s team, this year 2023 will be a turning point. This is because the 2023 International Football Federation (FIFA) Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup, which can be said to be the biggest event in women’s soccer, is scheduled. In this situation, coach Bell held a New Year’s press conference at the Soccer Hall on the 26th to deliver this year’s blueprint for the women’s national team.  메이저사이트

Right after taking office in 2019, Bell has been working hard to learn our culture. The sincerity of mixing Korean a little at each press conference was also famous in the media. Coach Bell’s Korean was as fluent as the women’s national team, which developed in this position four years after his appointment. Director Bell added Korean to each section of his press conference. Director Bell said about the good parts of Korea, “I like everything, but safe things are especially good,” and then replied, “Oh, there are so many cafes, so I like it.” 

Director Bell explained the story pleasantly, but also clearly presented a blueprint for 2023. Coach Bell said, “We are in the process of strengthening, improving and changing through training. The important thing is to have tactical flexibility. We have to play actively, and through this we have to bring victory.” 

Regarding the goal of the World Cup, he said, “The first and most important thing will be the first match against Colombia. The goal is to win. We’ll take it one step further, even though it may be boringly obvious, but we aim to go as high as possible in the World Cup, and when we play what we want to do, we think we’re a team that can play against any team in the world. I hope you don’t show me what you’re telling me to do. Our team has confidence in ourselves.” 

Lastly, coach Bell said, “Coming to a great country, good people help a lot, and the association itself has been providing a lot of support from the first day until now. Also, the staff are great. The country of Korea, the Korea Football Association, and us The players and staff are all motivators, I take pride in being able to lead this team to the World Cup, and personally, I want to win all the games while working in soccer. It feels special and I feel motivated.” 

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