Between the 245.7 billion pieces of broken glass… A Korean player with an annual salary of 1 billion becomes a hero

 Texas has reinforced a large number of batting lines ahead of the 2022 season, and reinforced a large number of starting staff ahead of the 2023 season. It was a plan to properly enjoy the effect of opening a new stadium with star players.

The finishing touch was Jacob deGrom (35), who has the title of best pitcher in terms of ‘if healthy’. When other teams shook their heads over their injury careers, Texas boldly bet deGrom for a total of $185 million over five years. However, deGrom has been plagued with constant injuries since spring training.

He was eventually placed on the disabled list with forearm inflammation. Forearm muscle injuries are often regarded as a precursor to elbow 메이저놀이터 ligament problems, so there is a lot of concern. However, a player appeared who filled the void well. Dane Dunning, 29, whose mother is Korean, is the protagonist.

Dunning started the game against Seattle on the 11th (Korean time) and recorded his first quality start this season (with less than 3 earned runs in 6 or more innings) and his first starting win with a decent content of 6 hits, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts and 2 runs in 6 innings. Reaped. Dunning personally, it was also a pitch that continued a good flow this season.

Dunning, who made his major league debut in Texas in 2020, has established himself as a full-time major leaguer by appearing in 27 games (25 starts) in 2021. He made 29 starts last year as well. However, this was also related to the situation of the Texas team, which had a very weak starting lineup. The average ERA recorded in 29 games last year was 4.46, which was not very good, and in the end, it was pushed back to the bullpen ahead of this season, when a large number of starting pitchers were reinforced.

However, he faithfully played a long relief role in the bullpen, and showed good performances a few times when deGrom was injured early, and was eventually dropped as a substitute starter.

In his first start, on the 6th against the Los Angeles Angels, Dunning pitched well with 2 hits and no runs in 5 innings. Although he did not win, he eventually won the 11th, and in the two games he started, he gave up two runs in 11 innings. He has a good pitching streak with an ERA of 1.72, 3 wins and no losses in 10 games (2 starts) this season.

He’s a great player for Texas. Dunning, who has not yet obtained the qualification for annual salary adjustment, has an annual salary of 742,000 dollars (about 1 billion won) this year. The lowest-paid player does an excellent job replacing the highest-paid starting pitcher on the team.

Dunning will most likely return to the bullpen when deGrom returns, but Texas starting pitchers are largely plagued by injuries. If there is a vacancy, there is a high possibility of calling Dunning, who can go to the starter at any time. If you do that, your position in the team and the trade value will increase.

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