‘Because of an absurd warning’…Lee Kang-in was left out of the expected starting lineup for Mallorca

Lee Kang-in was left out of Real Mallorca’s predicted best eleven.

Mallorca will face Celta Vigo in the 18th round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season, which will be held at Visit Mallorca Estadi in Mallorca, Spain at 5 am (Korean time) on the 21st. Currently, Mallorca is in 10th place with 22 points (6 wins, 4 draws, 7 losses, 14 goals and 16 losses).

Spain’s ‘Marca’ predicted the starting lineup for Mallorca’s Celta Vigo. Many key resources were located, including Vedat Muriki, Dani Rodriguez, Inigo de Galareta, Pablo Maffeo, and Antonio Rayo. There was no Lee Kang-in. There was always Lee Kang-in’s name next to Muriki, but Amat Ndiaye appeared.

It was dropped due to the accumulation of warnings. Lee Kang-in received a rather absurd warning against Osasuna, and as the season warning became five, he could not play against Celta Vigo. Lee Kang-in, who started against Osasuna, prepared a free kick in the 38th minute without committing any fouls, but the referee showed a yellow card. He seemed to judge it as an act of delaying time. It was an absurd decision considering the score was 0-0 in the 38th minute. 카지노

As a result, Mallorca lost its core because of this warning. There are Rodriguez and De Galareta, but Lee Kang-in is an indispensable presence in Mallorca’s tactics. Mallorca, which focuses on defense, launches a straight attack when it seizes the ball, and Lee Kang-in’s kicking power accounts for a large part. There are many times when the attack is developed with Lee Kang-in’s kick. Especially in a set piece situation, Lee Kang-in’s presence shines.

If Lee Kang-in is missing, Mallorca’s build-up will inevitably become frustrating. Against Real Valladolid, when Lee Kang-in started from the bench, the game was sluggish throughout, but the fact that the flow itself changed when Lee Kang-in came in proved its influence. For Mallorca, who lost consecutively in La Liga and Copa del Rey, Lee Kang-in’s absence is very painful.

Ndiaye, who is predicted to start instead of Lee Kang-in, is a completely different type. Lee Kang-in is an attacking midfielder and Ndiaye is a winger. It is clear that the attack will unfold in a different way than when Lee Kang-in came out. In order to increase the destructive power of Muriki and Ndiaye, it is important to support Rodriguez and De Galareta from behind. Whether or not Lee Kang-in fills the void well will determine whether Mallorca wins or loses.

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