‘Bad boy’ Levi, his salary skyrocketed by 20%! Fans are outraged, “Look at your face”

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy ‘self-raised’ salary. Fans were outraged that there was no shame.

According to the British media’Telegraph’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), Levy received an annual salary of 3,265,000 pounds (approximately 5.15 billion won) in 2022.

Levy’s previous salary was investigated at £2.698 million (approximately 4.25 billion won). This is an increase of about 900 million won in Korean money.

Compared to Premier League players who earn hundreds of millions of won a week, it is difficult to see it as a huge salary.

However, compared to his usual image, the achievements he has made in the Premier League, and the salary increase rate based on his office worker, it can be evaluated as a ‘vertical rise’. This is because the salary has skyrocketed by more than 20%.

According to British media ‘The Sun’, fans were also uncomfortable. Controversy arose on social media.

The Sun pointed out that ‘the bonus Levy received made Tottenham supporters frown’. 먹튀검증

One person on social media said, ‘That guy doesn’t know what shame is. He is worthy of respect,’ he mocked.

Another said, ‘He hasn’t had success on the pitch, yet he gets a pay rise? We all know what’s important’.

Another said, ‘What the hell did you do to take it like that. “The highest-paid executive in the league is running a club outside the top four.”

Tottenham’s last major win was 15 years ago. It is 2008.

This is not unrelated to Levy’s management style. Levy avoids spending £100m to £200m (about 300 billion won) in the transfer market like Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United. Emphasis on sustainable management. I prefer promising players with good cost-effectiveness over top players.

Therefore, in order for Tottenham to produce results, several lucks must overlap. We need a ‘jackpot’ in which 4 to 5 promising players burst into their potential at the same time. It’s just that this hasn’t happened in 15 years.

Levy, who cares about such thoroughly practical management, raised his annual salary by a whopping 20%, so fans deserve to be outraged.

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