Applause for teammate’s goal and ‘700 million a day’… Ronaldo’s first match with Al Nasr was ‘intuition’

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo ‘inspected’ the first match for his new team, Al Nasr. 

On the 31st of last month (Korean time), Ronaldo moved to the Middle East by signing a contract with Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr. 

Ronaldo, who canceled his contract due to a disagreement with Manchester United on November 23 last year during the World Cup, searched for a new club in Europe, but could not find it.

Eventually, he signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Al Nasr. It is known that Al-Nassr decided to pay Ronaldo an annual salary of 200 million euros and a whopping 270 billion won in Korean currency. 

Al-Nassr held a grand ceremony for Ronaldo at the home stadium on the 4th. “I have achieved everything in Europe,” Ronaldo said at his inauguration ceremony. Now is the time to take on new challenges in Asia,” he said, expressing his feelings about moving to Al Nasr. 

In the video released by Al-Nasr through official social media, Ronaldo tried to dispel concerns about his physical condition by diligently running around the field in training the day after his joining ceremony and practicing shooting with both feet. Al-Nassr said of Ronaldo’s training, “It’s a record first day. Ronaldo sweated from the heart of the club.” 안전놀이터

However, Ronaldo could not immediately play in the Altai match, where his debut was likely to be due to the punishment he received during his time at Manchester United.

After hitting the hand of a boy fan of the opposing team after a game in Manchester United, he was punished by the English Football Association (FA) for two matches and will not be able to play against Altai this time and against Al-Shabaab on the 15th. 

However, he appeared in the locker room before the game and encouraged the coach and players. Subsequently, the appearance of watching the game from the VIP seat was released through social media. 

Ronaldo seemed very happy. Ronaldo, who appeared in Al Nasr’s training uniform before the match, was also caught having a pleasant conversation with club officials. 

When the game started, he watched the game from the VIP table with the club officials. Ronaldo even regretted Al Nasr by crouching down on him as he missed a goal opportunity. 

I was very happy when the team scored. In the 42nd minute of the first half, when Talisca, the forward striker, scored the opening goal with a header, Ronaldo stood up and gave a standing ovation to celebrate. 

Afterwards, in the second half, he moved to the gym and did light exercises, but did not take his eyes off his teammate’s game. 

Al Nasr’s official SNS released a scene in which Ronaldo responded with applause after watching Talisca’s second goal during a workout, and mentioned “Ronaldo’s reaction to Talisca’s second goal.”

It is estimated that Ronaldo made 700 million won a day even though he did not play and only clapped.

Al Nasr, who won 2-0 in the match against Altai, is expected to be able to show off Ronaldo in the stadium, not in the crowd, only in the match against Alita Park on the 22nd.

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