Amano 1-0 Hong Myung-bo

Before the opening of the 2023 season K-League, a ‘previous storm’ raged. This is the conflict between Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo and Amano Jun (Jeonbuk Hyundai).

Director Hong Myung-bo dissed Amano in an unusual way. It was a strong criticism that is rarely seen in the K-League. Coach Hong seems to have a great affection for Amano, who played a role in Ulsan’s victory last season. This is why Amano moved to Jeonbuk, the biggest rival. The greater the disappointment, the greater the anger.

He said, “Amano is the worst Japanese player I know. He lied and left for Jeonbuk. As a result, I went to Jeonbuk because of money. It means that I do not respect Ulsan,” he was angry.

It was the biggest criticism ever in the K League. In general, K-League coaches are calm(?). He refrained from criticizing and provoking his opponent. Director Hong broke this atmosphere. He set a new milestone. It is also the director of Hong.

Amano’s response to this was calm. He calmly explained that he hadn’t seen Ulsan’s sincerity.

He said, “Director Hong’s remarks are not true. Ulsan has never sincerely made a position. Even after returning to Japan after the season, there was no formal offer from Ulsan. However, Jeonbuk completed lease negotiations with Yokohama immediately after the end of last season. I did. And I made an official offer. Two weeks after I returned to Japan, an offer came to Ulsan. However, at that time, I had already concluded an agreement with Jeonbuk. When I heard that a formal offer had come from Jeonbuk, I sent an offer because they did not want to send me to Jeonbuk. I thought it meant that,” he said.

Despite being accused of blasphemy, Amano did not let go of his respect for Director Hong. He didn’t respond with a diss for a diss, but instead hit the diss out with respect. It was a skillful and wise way. It was a decisive remark that could gain the upper hand in this conflict.

He said, “I was shocked and disappointed by coach Hong’s remarks, but I still have respect for coach Hong. Coach Hong is the gift that brought me to the K-League, and a comrade who made Ulsan win.”

Director Hong’s sudden acceleration. Amano’s calm response. The match was split. The first confrontation between the two ended with Amano winning. Amano 1-0 Hong Myung-bo.

Amano did nothing wrong in the procedure. He just held the club’s hand, which recognized his own value more. It’s a natural behavior for professional players. Pros talk with money and move with money. The standard is to go to a team that recognizes one’s value more. Amano did as it should.

On the other hand, coach Hong relied too much on the trust of an oral contract. A contract has many variables. It is not a contract until it is signed 슬롯사이트. A contract made by mouth is not a contract.

Director Hong seems to be still in romance. I don’t know if it’s pure or not, but I think Director Hong’s diss target is wrong. Director Hong doesn’t seem to be able to figure out who played a decisive role in making Amano leave his heart. The target of criticism should not have been Amano, but the Ulsan front desk, which failed to properly negotiate Amano.

Anyway, this situation is expected to have a positive impact on the K-League. This is because the rivalry between Jeonbuk and Ulsan has become more heated due to coach Hong’s all-time diss. It can help the league run. The strong name ‘Amano Derby’ has been added to the match between Jeonbuk and Ulsan. I am already looking forward to the second confrontation between Amano and coach Hong.

Amano said, “I was well aware of what this decision meant and transferred. I was determined to play against Ulsan. This year, as a Jeonbuk player, I will challenge the treble with manager Kim Sang-sik.”

Coincidentally, the Korea Professional Football Federation released the K-League 1 schedule for the 2023 season on the 13th, and the’Amano Derby’ was decided as the official opening game. On February 25, Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium. The second confrontation between Director Hong and Amano unfolds. it’s already hot

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