‘All-around advisor’ Cha Du-ri, Klins Man-ho ‘Best recruit’

The ‘Cha Du-ri effect’ in Klinsman is truly amazing. On the 9th, Cha Doo-ri, who was appointed as the technical advisor for the new national soccer team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59), is demonstrating ‘multi-talents’ as a coach, bridging agent, and mood maker beyond his original role of technical advisory. It is now being revealed why national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann so longed for the car advisor to join after being appointed.

On the 27th, Advisor Cha Du-ri walked to the Paju NFC training ground with both hands stuck in his jumper pockets. He chatted in German for over 10 minutes with coach Klinsmann and goalkeeper coach Andreas Köpke, who were already at the training ground. The laughter didn’t stop. Only one car advisor appeared, but the atmosphere at the training ground changed dramatically. 온라인카지노

After the indoor training, the players showed up at the outdoor training ground one after another. A short meeting was held between defender Kwon Kyung-won (Gamba Osaka), who was in poor condition, and coach Klinsman. The tea advisor stood between the two and moved on to each other. After the conversation, he patted Kwon Kyung-won on the back and instilled a fighting spirit. Advisor Cha previously volunteered as an interpreter for coach Köpke to the goalkeepers. He is not by far fluent in German (or English). Adviser Cha conveys the coach’s requirements to the players in the ‘player’s language’ as a former national representative.

The existence of a secondary advisor is more precious to director Klinsman, who has just started a new job than anyone else. Coach Klinsman accompanied Cha Advisor when he “intuitively” watched K-League games twice. He said, “I will obtain information about K-League players and managers through the car advisor,” and it is being implemented as it is. Cha Advisor, who is currently the head of FC Seoul’s Youth Enhancement Office and is also involved in the K-League, is the best person to inform various information such as K-League regulations, characteristics of each team, and specific players. It is said that coaches who are adapting to the new environment also rely heavily on their car advisors.

Coach Klinsman decided that in order to challenge in unfamiliar Korean land, it was necessary to have a ‘Korean football legend’ car advisor who had a relationship while working together as a Technology Research Group (TSG) at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. It’s been less than a month since we’ve been together, but so far it’s worth picking as the ‘best recruit’.

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