After breaking up with Ronaldo, ‘win-win’ Manchester United, UCL is right in front of you

Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL) is on the rise after overcoming a long period of sluggishness. Coincidentally, after parting ways with Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr), Manchester United is continuing its winning streak. With this momentum, Ronaldo can aim to advance to the UEFA Champions League, which Ronaldo longed for.

Manchester United, who finished last season with a disappointing 6th place in the league, suffered repeated defeats at the beginning of this season and damaged their pride as a ‘prestigious club’. However, since December of last year after the 2022 FIFA World Cup break in Qatar, it has won 4 consecutive wins by winning both the Carabao Cup (FA Cup) and league matches. The league standings are 4th with the same number of points as 3rd place Newcastle.

After the termination of the contract with Ronaldo, as Manchester United ran on an upward trajectory, some Manchester United fans reacted that Ronaldo’s presence had an adverse effect on the team. According to a report by the British football media ‘’, after winning 3-0 against Nottingham Forest, the first EPL game after Ronaldo’s release, Manchester United fans said, “Man United came back to life as the ‘Ronaldo virus’ disappeared.” I have been playing,” he cheered. On the other hand, there were also opinions that warned of hasty optimism, saying, “If Manchester United shows poor performance again, people will miss Ronaldo.”

British sports media ‘Sky Sports’ analyzed that Bruno Fernands (29) could harmonize better with the team due to Ronaldo’s release. The media said, “Fernands scored a total of 29 goals after joining Manchester United in February 2020 until Ronaldo came in in September 2021. During this period, Fernands’ scoring involvement was first in the league. But after Ronaldo came in, Fernands only scored 5 goals in 31 league games.”

Sky Sports said, “Fernands usually works with players who run wide and open up space, but Ronaldo is a player who plays statically.” ” analyzed.

Manchester United, who have been through friction with Ronaldo throughout the season, are now in an atmosphere of reorganization. Midfielder Christian Eriksen (31) said on the 28th of last month, “It is sad that Ronaldo is no longer in our team, but after the next game, people will forget the days of Ronaldo. Unlike the beginning of the season, we are in a good position now.” 토토사이트

Manchester United, ahead of the FA Cup 3rd round match against Everton on the morning of the 7th, is even being discussed as a candidate to win the FA Cup. “We don’t look too far,” Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag said at a press conference ahead of the match against Everton. There are many elements to be improved. Even within a team, you have to compete with each other to get a chance.” Coach Ten Hag, who is known as a principleist, must prove that his tactics can create synergistic effects in ‘Man Utd without Ronaldo’.

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