A ball hit by the flagstick goes to a nasty bunker… Kim Seong-hyun, who has gone back and forth between hell and heaven

Golf is often a game of luck. There are cases where a bad shot hits a tree and leads to a hole-in-one, and conversely, a good shot hits a manhole cover and flies into the OB area. The second round of the American Express on the PGA Tour on the 21st (Korean time) was like that for rookie Seong-Hyun Kim ( Picture 25).

Seong-hyun Kim, who played the second round on the stadium course (par 72) designed by Pete Dye, suffered a terrible misfortune on the par 5 hole 16th. The third shot, hit 83 yards from the pin, hit the flagstick squarely and bounced back to the wrong place. Sunghyun Kim’s ball left the green and flowed down the slope, rolling down toward the bunker. Fortunately, the ball got caught in the rubber rakes, but Seong-Hyun Kim had to experience a nightmare that he will remember for the rest of his life due to a mistake in the chip shot. 바카라사이트

If you put your 4th shot on the green, you will have to par or bogey hole out. However, Seonghyun Kim’s bunker shot continued to be short, and his ball hit the chin of the bunker and rolled into the bunker repeatedly. This notorious bunker is not easy to escape from because the jaws are so high. It was the deepest bunker on the PGA Tour course.

It was the first course for Kim Seong-hyun, a rookie, and she was on the verge of a mental breakdown due to repeated mistakes. In the end, he was able to put the ball on the green after the 7th bunker shot and holed out with 1 putt from a distance of 2m. triple view.

The 17th hole (par 3) that followed was a lucky hole for Kim Seong-hyun. Armed with an island green from a distance of 177 yards, Seong-Hyun Kim hit a tee shot. The ball landed on the rocks surrounding the green. But this time, due to a lucky bounce, the ball landed on the green rather than the water side. Seong-Hyun Kim made a formidable birdie putt from a distance of 7.2m, making up for the loss of the previous hole by one stroke. It was a gift given to Kim Seong-hyeon by the grumpy god of golf.

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