’50th Anniversary’ Pohang, new season team number confirmed

Pohang Steelers, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, confirmed the squad number for the 2023 season.

A total of 35 players will wear the Pohang Steelers emblem this season. Captain Kim Seung-dae wears the number 12, which is his own symbol, and vice-captain Ha Chang-rae wears the number 15.

The number of new players joining the team stands out. ‘Speed ​​Racer’ Kim In-seong (7, his number for this season in brackets below) and Oberdan (8), newly added to the midfield, use the numbers they used in their former team. The number 9, the symbol of a striker, went to Jeka. The number 6, which was the number 6 during coach Kim Ki-dong’s active career, became the responsibility of Kim Jong-woo, who is expected to play a key role in midfield. Baek Seong-dong received the number 10, the symbol of Ace.

Among the existing players, Shim Sang-min (2), Grant (5), Park Seung-wook (14), Lee Seung-mo (16), Shin Kwang-hoon (17), Park Chan-yong (20), Noh Kyung-ho (23), Cho Jae-hoon (26), Jeong Jae-hee (27), Lee Kyu-baek (34) Kim Jun-ho (66) and Wandelson (77) use the same number as last season. Jung Jae-hee revealed why he insisted on that number, saying that he wants to be the first player who comes to mind when he hears ‘number 27 in the K-League’.

Kim Yong-hwan (3), Ha Chang-rae (15), Yoon Min-ho (19), Lee Ho-jae (33), Park Kun-woo (22), and Kim Gyu-pyo (88), who returned from loan, welcome the new season with new uniform numbers. Striker Lee Ho-jae, who is in his third year of debut, recalls the good memories of his freshman year of high school, wearing number 33, and is preparing for the 2023 season. 먹튀검증

Rookie Shin Won-cheol (13), Kang Hyeon-je (18), Kim Jeong-hyeon (28), Park Hyung-woo (29), and Yoon Jae-woon (30) will wear their professional uniforms for the first time in their careers with relatively easy numbers.

Goalkeepers Yoon Pyeong-guk (1), Lee Seung-hwan (32), and Cho Seong-hoon (41) use the same numbers as last season. Hwang In-jae, who was discharged from Sangmu, chose number 21. Number 31, which Kang Hyun-moo, who enlisted as a managing director at the beginning of the year, has been wearing since the 2015 season, remained as the number 31 according to Kang Hyun-moo’s will, saying, “Please leave it empty until I am discharged.”

Pohang, which has confirmed the 2023 ship number, will prepare for the new season in earnest by conducting the second winter battery training in Seogwipo, Jeju, from February 1 to 18.

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