50 Unforgettable Moments of ‘Son Heung-min’s Ghana Coach Bad Manners-Iranian National Rejection’

Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = Top 50 unforgettable moments of Qatar World Cup?

British media ‘Planet Football’ selected 50 unforgettable moments at the end of the World Cup in Qatar on the 20th.

“The rudeness was perfect,” and the incident involving Son Heung-min that occurred after the second round of the Group H qualifier between Korea and Ghana was also included in the rankings.

South Korea conceded two goals first in the second match against Ghana, but Cho Kyu-seong burned his will to pursue with multiple goals. However, they gave up a run of bitterness and lost 2-3 due to unclear decisions such as extra time issues.

Heung-Min Son is the captain of the Republic of Korea who must have been more regretful than anyone else. After the game, the appearance of being comforted by Ghana’s coaches was captured.

However, a coach of Ghana came up to Son Heung-min, who was regretful after the loss, and took a picture without caring. Seeing this, a colleague next to him stopped the situation.

This scene was broadcast on the broadcast screen, and the coach Ghana who took the photo could not escape criticism from many fans around the world.

Iran’s refusal to sing the national anthem before the match was ranked as “I can fully praise the courage.”

Anti-government protests erupted in Iran in September after a woman was dragged to death by police for not wearing the hijab properly.토토

The Iranian government proceeded with indiscriminate suppression, and the players who participated in the World Cup refused to sing the national anthem in protest.

It was also included in the rankings that the German national team covered their mouths before kick-off against Japan as a protest against the International Football Federation (FIFA), which banned the wearing of rainbow armbands against various discriminations.

In addition, Antonio Rudiger’s hopping run against Japan, Hishalli Song’s fantastic volley against Serbia, and the heartfelt hug between Morocco’s Arch Raf Hakimi and his mother were also selected.