‘2 Days vs. 8 Days’ Handicap Up Will Woori Card, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance be able to take revenge on the homeroom?

 Objective figures show a clear advantage, which is interesting.

On the 3rd, in the 5th round of the men’s division of the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, Woori Card and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance will clash.

Currently, Woori Card is in third place with 39 cumulative points (14 wins, 11 losses), but OK Financial Group is chasing after it by only 2 points, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is running at the bottom with 19 accumulated points (6 wins, 18 losses). It is expected that it will be difficult to catch up easily as it is 8 points behind KB Insurance, which is ranked 6th.

However, Woori Card suffered two consecutive losses to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and KB Insurance, which were lower teams before and after the All-Star Game. It is an extraordinary losing streak in which the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams were beaten in a row when the atmosphere was good. As director Shin Young-chul said, ‘The more successful you are, the more you must not be vigilant’. 

In the previous game, on the 31st, in the confrontation with KB Insurance, it was defeated 2-3 after a full set battle. Team Blocking took a step ahead, 13-12, but Sub-Ace was pushed back to 6-8. The overall indicators are not significantly different from those of the opposing team. 

The strikers’ scoring and success rates are good. Agamez scored 31 points (attack success rate 53.19%), Kim Ji-han 19 points, and Na Gyeong-bok 16 points. Agamez’s back attack was also compliant, and Kim Ji-han, in particular, recorded 3 serve aces, and there are clear signs of trying to change the atmosphere somehow. there was.

The pain is quite distinct. Setter Hwang Seung-bin’s physical strength was not balanced, so the toss showed ups and downs. The ball pass was shaking and it had a significant impact on the height of the strikers’ RBI. Director Shin also pointed out this point. 

Except for the ups and downs of the set play, the condition is good from the wing to the middle. The key to Woori Card is to maintain the current performance and pay attention to physical strength. 

On the other hand, the lowest ranked Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance had an all-star break of about 8 days after the last confrontation with Woori Card in the 4th round on the 25th. There is absolutely no reason to lack stamina. Also, at the time, he escaped from a losing streak by winning 3-2 against Woori Card.

The team blocking was the same at 9-9, but the serve score was significantly higher at 9-3, and the dig, receive, and set all led by more than 10 points.  먹튀검증

At that time, Ikbairi scored the most points for both teams with 27 points (attack success rate 46.67%), and Kim Jeong-ho scored 13 points and Shin Shin-ho 13 points. Middle blocker Kim Jun-woo (11 points) reached its peak, with an attack success rate of 90.91%. 

Kim Jun-woo, a candidate for the ‘Rookie of the Year’, showed off his spirited ball control by succeeding 10 times out of 11 fast-attacks. Aside from scoring, it is no exaggeration to say that Kim Jun-woo brought Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s winning mood. 

Here, along with Ikbairi’s successive sub-aces, Shin Shin-ho drove a whopping 5 sub-aces. Kim Jung-ho played an active role as a ‘shield with a spear’. He caught 10 on 12 digs and received 11 correct on 21 attempts. Shin Shin-ho also actively participated in receiving and closed the gap. 

It is encouraging that they set off a spark in the ‘game of life’ against a top-tier team. However, Ikbairi’s ability to solve is important, and there is an up-down in this area. It is our card that will sharpen the blade of revenge at home. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is much more advantageous in terms of stamina storage, so you need to be aware of power ups and downs. Our card could be at a disadvantage if the playing time is prolonged.

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