1st place in women’s basketball all-star voting Shin Ji-hyun “It will be a special day”

Shin Ji-hyun, the ace of women’s basketball Hana 1Q, took first place in the All-Star Game fan voting for the first time since her debut.

Reporter Cho Seong-heum met Shin Ji-hyun, who raises expectations for the All-Star Game for the first time in three years.


Hana 1Q Shin Ji-hyun, who was unable to play for a while due to a hamstring injury last December.

Concentrate on the practice game on the court with a healthy appearance.

Shin Ji-hyun is waiting for the All-Star Game to be held in three years.

This is because he is the 2nd most voted player of all time and the first time since his debut to reach the top of the All-Star voting.

<Shin Ji-hyeon / Hana 1 Q> “I wanted to win first place (vote by fans) while I was a player, but I think it’s meaningful to be an all-star after achieving first place.”

Shin Ji-hyun took the lead in driving the popularity of women’s basketball from the beginning of her debut. 메이저놀이터

He initially drew attention for his looks, but his skills rose to the top after his constant efforts.

She competed in the Tokyo Olympics wearing the Taegeuk mark, and was recently selected in the league’s best 5 for two consecutive seasons.

She is also a popular star that cannot be left out of the All-Star Game.

Shin Ji-hyun, who has danced every dance and sang a song so far, is determined to give joy to her fans again this time.

<Shin Ji-hyun / Hana One Q> “Personally, they say that they do a ceremony or a little dance when they enter. I want to personally prepare for that so that I can personally give my fans a present…”

Women’s basketball, which has already sold out in anticipation of many fans. All-Star game.

The players are already ready to meet the fans.

<Shin Ji-hyeon / Hana One Q> “The All-Star Game will be held for the first time in 3 years. I am also looking forward to it and will prepare a lot so that the fans can have a special day, so please come and see it.”

The all-star game, featuring Shin Ji-hyeon, Kim Dan-bi, Kang I-seul, and other female basketball stars, will be held on the 8th at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon.

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