‘105.5 Billion’ Arsenal Shock “It was an opportunity that could not come again in my life”

“It was an opportunity that may not come again in my life…”

Brighton midfielder Moises Caicedo’s agent criticized the club’s decision. It is said that he trampled on the dreams of a young player. It’s a pity for the player’s position, and it’s difficult because the club’s decision is understandable.

The player who heated up the last minute of the January transfer window was Caicedo. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool wanted him. A £55m offer from Chelsea has been turned down. Upon hearing this news, Arsenal made an exceptional offer of £60 million followed by £70 million (approximately 105.5 billion won). But Brighton rejected them all.

The 21-year-old Caicedo initially showed his loyalty to Brighton, who gave him a chance and helped him develop. But he was swayed by Arsenal’s offer. He showed a sincere desire to induce sympathy by saying, “Thanks to Brighton, but I am the youngest of 10 brothers and sisters who grew up in a poor family in Ecuador.”

Despite Caicedo’s pleas, Brighton were adamant. He drew the line saying it had to be 100 million pounds, and in the end his Arsenal move didn’t work out. From a player’s point of view, his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transfer to a big club has been blown away, so he has no choice but to lose his strength. I wasn’t even disappointed with the amount Arsenal offered. However, Brighton also needed Caicedo, so they had no choice but to stick to their own negotiation strategy. 메이저사이트

In response, Caicedo’s agent, Manuel Sierra, revealed his position. In an interview with Marca, Sierra confirmed Brighton’s decision, saying: “We received an offer. We knew what the conditions were. Caicedo said he wanted to move on. But a chance that may not come again in life has been blown away.” Criticized.

Sierra continued, “From our point of view, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We could get injured while training. We don’t know what will happen.”

Meanwhile, Caicedo said he was told not to participate in team training until after the January transfer window, after revealing his position on social media. Now that the transfer window is over, Caicedo has returned to team training.

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